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From Asia to everywhere in the world, we provide you the best prices with the best quality.


Ice cream cups
Ø98mm cups
Paper portion cups
Square bowls
Rectangular bowls

Best sellers

Ø115mm cups
Paper cups
Salad bowls and lids
Soup cups and lids


Reinforced PP box
Metal storage box
Metal cutlery set
Bamboo cutlery set

Attractive prices

Our long-term collaboration with Chinese factories and the volume of our orders allows us to give you the best prices on the market.


Personnalised products

All of our references are customisable, from the packaging to the product. We can also conceive and develop new products together according to your criteria, your wishes and your use


Customer assistance

Our team will accompany you from the request of a quotation to the delivery of the container to your warehouse and will help you in every step of your order.


Concerned about environment, we provide products in paper, sugar cane pulp, bamboo, wood, CPLA and recyclable plastic (PET, PP). All materials are recyclable. Some materials are also biodegradable or reusable.