Food packaging specialist

Our company has been working in the food packaging industry for more than 20 years already. We offer a wide range of biodegradable and recyclable products, directly imported from Asia by containers (20’GP - 40’GP - 40’HC).

Our experience in this market and the privileged relationships we have with our Chinese partners allow us to offer you innovative and qualitative products at the best prices.

Our supervising office in Guangzhou ensures optimal communication between France and the Chinese partners.


Concerned about environment, we provide products in paper, sugar cane pulp, bamboo, wood, CPLA and recyclable plastic (PET, PP).
All materials are recyclable. Some materials are also biodegradable or reusable.
The factories we work with are all in accordance with the current European regulations regarding materials intended to come into contact with food.
It as possible to get certification on request.
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Unique products

All of our references are entirely customisable, from packaging to product.
Indeed, it is possible to customize your shipping cartons with your logo, your address, your barcodes and your bag labels as well as it is possible to print products with your brand, your logo or anything needed.
We can also conceive and develop new products together according to your criteria, your wishes and your needs.
Our team in Aix-en-Provence, in cooperation with the Chinese office, are here to help.
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A dedicated team

Our Aix-en-Provence team, in collaboration with our office in China, accompanies you throughout your order at no additional cost to ensure quality service.

M. Raymond Bailly

Executive director

Mme Marilyne Deve

Business development & quality

Mme Priscillia Jover

Sales administration for France & business development

Mme Marjorie Jubeaux

Sales administration for Asia

Mme Romane Castaigne

Sales administration for Asia

In charge of the French company and factory controls in China.

In charge of business development, monitoring of product creation files and quality control.

In charge of orders and logistics for France products, business development and monitoring of product creation files.

In charge of factory orders and container logistics.

In charge of factory orders and container logistics.