See our range of PLA and CPLA products : cutlery, cutlery kits, portion cups, deli cups, lids (for portion paper cups, portion cups, deli cups, salad bowls).


Polylactic acid is known as a 100% compostable material, coming from renewable plant resources such as corn. Corn is firstly fermented and distilled in order to produce the polylactic acid. This polylactic acid will be, after few steps, transformed into PLA.
Products made with PLA have a heat resistance of ±40°C, so they are often used for cold products.
Our factory has developed modified PLA : CPLA which has a higher heat resistance, about ±80°C. CPLA products are perfect for hot use.
CPLA/PLA is a recyclable and compostable material (industrial composting).
Certification on request.

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